The East-German 8-Bitters

This page contains information about the East-German 8-bit computers I grew up with, including live emulator demos running directly in the browser. Later I’ll try to upload scans and photos of all the stuff I still have stashed under the roof (computers, manuals, program listings and a lot of “programmer art” from 1984 to 1990).

The black magic of running those emulators directly in the browser is possible through 4 OpenSource projects: first and foremost, there’s MESS, the absolutely epic Multi-Emulator-Super-System which can emulate over 600 computer systems, then there’s emscripten, which compiles C++ code to Javascript. Mentioning emscripten also requires to give props to LLVM, which is the modular compiler system which emscripten is built on top. And finally there’s JSMESS, which puts everything together and enables running MESS in the browser.

My changes to the JSMESS source code are on github. For general improvements to JSMESS I’ll try to package them into pull requests for the main branch. Some changes are dirty hacks though which better remain in my own fork: http://www.github.com/floooh/jsmess

The KC85/3

Compared to the other East-German 8-bit computers at the time, the KC85/3 was a wonder-machine. It could render colorful pixel graphics at 320x256 resolution and had a 1.75MHz Z80 CPU:

The KC85/4

The KC85/4 was the successor to the KC85/3, and mainly had more RAM and better graphics specs:

KC Games

Three of the games I coded for the KC85/3 run in JSMESS so far. I’ll update the list as I get more them running (might take a while):